True Moments, A Photo Series (7): Reza’s trip to Iran

Thank you to Reza Taymouri for this photo submission!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.18.44 PM

Reza, one of our Facebook fans, recently went to Iran and offered to share his experience with us through his photos.

He says, “I thought that Iran is beautiful-especially the cities I have visited (Mahshad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran). It has so much to offer with attractions, is historical, is cultural, and has amazing & delicious food.

The people are fun and modern. I was surprised and amazed by the modern and upscale life style of the people of Iran. Also, the standards of the hotels and accommodations for tourists were great. I was marveled by the architecture of the Ancient Capital of Persian Achaemenid Empire founded by the king Darius, Persepolis. I took pride of these accomplishments of our ancestors.”

Click on the first picture to open the gallery full of his visit. 

Thank you Reza for this submission and your story!

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