Why “Saffron”?

If this blog is not about food, then Why “Saffron”?

Well, Iran is currently the largest exporter of Saffron, and accounts for 90-93% of the world’s production to be exact.  Some other countries that export Saffron such as Spain, India and Greece to name a few.

So, Iranian Americans are actually very similar to Saffron. I know this may seem like a funny analogy…but stick with me.  Although, Saffron largely comes from Iran, it has blended into the lives of many different cultures and has many benefits.   Whether it is used in traditional herbal medicine or a spice we put on our food, its value has appreciated (we see that in its price!), its flavor is enjoyed, and its essence has been maintained for many years.

Iranian-Americans & Saffronboth vibrant, lively, and colorful and have blended into a country full of many nationalities and cultures.

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