“POOSH”: A story of an “Iranian-Preneur” (1)

It has always been inspiring and motivating for me to hear about entrepreneurs and their different paths to success. Their stories, challenges and achievements are ones to hear and learn from.

I am starting this section to highlight various Iranian entrepreneurs that have pursued their passions and ambitions. Here is the first featured story. 

Thank you to Farnaz Abdoli for her submission and willingness to be featured!


Her mission is color harmony & beauty accompanied by simple design and comfort.

Introducing to you “ POOSH”.

Farnaz Abdoli  is the founder of “POOSH”a clothing and handmade leather company, started in April 2012 in Shiraz, Iran.

Some of her designs:

About the business: The focus of POOSH Fashion Brand is on street fashion.  Initially, this was strictly a women’s fashion company but as this line of fashion developed, many began to complain why there was not any male pieces. And so, they started men’s fashion line as well.

Following clothing, Farnaz and her sister began designing accessories such as leather bags and wallets.

Why did she start this company: Her interest in designing clothes and following world fashion trends goes back to many years ago as her interest grew in color, schemes and graphics.  She studied graphics in school and over these few years, she had a graphical and vivid mental image of her designs. She considers fashion design as an act of art.  In addition to graphics and design, she also worked very closely with her mother in theater and production in Iran. These varieties of experiences ultimately lead to her attraction and enthusiasm towards fashion design.

In order to pursue her full intention to make a true career out of these interests, she named her company “POOSH” which means cloth in old Farsi.

Farnaz also had a challenge that most businesses do not have.  She had to consider the cultural and social issues in Iran and  due to this her pieces need to have not only amazing art works appearance but also very practical characteristics of  good clothing.

Currently she sells online as well as participates in various exhibitions. She will also have her first fashion show soon in Shiraz, Iran and hopes to open a store soon!

POOSH Facebook Page

You can see more of her work by clicking the below links!


First Exposition of POOSH

Featured in Persia-Modeling

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