When “Goodbye” usually meant “Hello”

This is something I have wanted to write about for a very long time.  And I am going to bet almost all of you already know what is coming.

…so let’s go back about 15 years…

*At a party*
Mom: “Shirin! Come downstairs to say bye, we are ready to go”
Me: “ok coming.”

*After a couple parties* 
Mom: “Shirin! Come downstairs to say bye, we are ready to go”
Me: <internal thought> I will go downstairs in about 45 minutes, they should be all done with “goodbyes” by then…

God forbid, we had just said “thank you for the party, see you soon”. No no, we didn’t do that. We couldn’t just say goodbye,  and this was out of our immense respect for everyone. We couldn’t just leave, we had to make sure conversations were complete, thoughts were expressed, and sentences were finished!

And therefore, our goodbyes essentially would end up becoming the beginnings of new conversation. Only difference was we were usually uncomfortably waiting right by the door (usually the door was even open ready for our departure!)  instead of just continuing the conversation when we were actually sitting with some chai in our hands and at ease. I used to actually get very annoyed at this because I would have to stop the crazy fun I was having with all the kids of the party, go downstairs and then stand awkwardly as my family was continuing the conversation I was never even a part of to begin with.  Of course, I tried to go back upstairs but it was always “noo come on, come on… ve are about to leavvve” :) (and that was my attempt at a persian accent)

Lesson to be learned: the next time you are at a persian party, and you think things may be coming to a close, give it about 45 min…You are then probably able to leave the building respectfully.

I like to think the real reason is we just don’t want to stop having fun!

2 comments for “When “Goodbye” usually meant “Hello”

  1. 3 September, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Too funny. Seriously it’s at least 45 minutes. Sometimes, especially if there are musicians playing it’s always, “Ok we’re done” pause as the guests beg for more “Ok well maybe one more song” I love it :)

    • Shirin
      4 September, 2012 at 12:15 am

      :) exactly!

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