“Baba”: doesn’t only mean Father…

“Baba” One word and only 4 letters,  but with so much meaning. Whenever I say this word, feelings of warmth, gratitude and love fill me.

Most know this word to mean “Father” and this is it’s literal meaning. However, sometimes we stick this word randomly into sentences, kind of like a place filler when you just feel your sentence needs some more… terms of endearmeant?

Examples of usage, not referencing your Father

“Ok Baba, just do what you want”
“Eh baba, why are you doing this?!?!”
“Baba, nagoo” Meaning, “dude, dont say that”

Or my favorite
“Na Baba!” meaning something like “No way!”

Other definitions for your entertainment. Regardless of its many uses, its main meaning is the one I know and love.

I have always used it in the past, I use it today, and I will use it forever.

However you choose to use the word, wishing all the Baba’s out there a wonderful day!



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