Presenting Parisa Zeinali: A story of an Iranian-Preneur (8)

Parisa Zeinali…when I saw her work I thought Creative, Unique, Expressive, and Modern. Her work in animation stood out to me and was very different from what I had seen from other artists.  So I wanted to hear her story and learn more about her passion.

Below is her story. Hope it inspires you.

Parisa Zeinali
1. What is your business?

I am a freelance illustrator that designs characters and spaces through animation. In addition, I design characters for food products, advertisements and any other work that uses imagery or illustration. Of course, like any other artist I also just draw for myself and my own pleasure.

2. Why did you start this business? What interested you? 

Since I can remember, I’ve been a lover of Art so I chose graphic design as my major for my undergrad education. After that, I became interested in illustration. I have always wanted to work within new and fresh experiences and I’ve always loved learning something new. 

3. What were some challenges you have faced? 

I have realized that sometimes for different projects, you need to also be different. I have had to be more flexible and change my format to fit myself in a bigger format and accept a new experience to challenge myself.  This can happen to anyone and at that time you should trust to your ability and skills in order to have a great start. Just face forward!

4. What are some recent news?

There were lot of events that I participated in recently, but the most exciting one was the 11th Skill National Tournament in 2012 where I won the Gold medal in country level.

5. What are some plans you have for the next year? 

I have decided to try creating illustrations for children books next year. I have started talking with some artists and publishers in several cities.

6. Anything else you would like to share?

Since I was a child, I have always loved Disney characters and always watched their movies. Then I began to design the characters myself. I have also had dreams of these designs and would just imagine what they would look like. I have always wanted to work for a Disney company where I could design some of these types of characters and that children from all over the world would love them and talk about them :) This is a dream that I hope comes true one day…


Thank you Parisa for sharing your story!

Click one of the pictures below to open the gallery and see her work!

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