A dash of this, A splash of that!

Why would a blog be called “TheSaffronLife” without any reference to food? Well, it wouldn’t.

So, yes I will be posting some recipes from time to time. But for now, let me address a few questions I am anticipating you will have.

First, are these my own recipes? No.. And trust me it’s really best this way. These are recipes I have been collecting from my mom over the past couple years. So if I have said in the past that “I am cooking” it probably has meant I am actually writing down the recipes while SHE cooks. I like to think I am more than half way there just by writing them down! ;) Also, side note, my parents are from Tabriz and simply put, I think we are awesome cooks. And when I say “we” again I reference my mom. If you have had any of her cooking.. you know it’s true. And if you haven’t had it yet, then you really should.

Second, what types of recipes will I be posting? For now, these will only be recipes on actual meals. Not desserts because there are just some secrets I can’t give away :)

Third, where are the images from? The images I post along with the recipes are going to be real images of our cooking, nothing fancy or edited. I wanted to capture the meal as it is, exactly how it is served as we have had it at my family’s house.

Lastly, how come some ingredients don’t have exact measurements? The beauty of getting recipes passed down from generations to generations (she got them from her grandmother) is that the exact measurements sometimes change and can be vague. Trust me I have tried. When I have asked Wait, exactly how much cardamom?” I get the answer you know, just a little… SIGH. So, I will do my best to put in exact amounts. But this is the beauty of it! These recipes have so many different ingredients, sometimes you just need to be flexible and try it out.

So first recipe coming soon, but here is a sneak peek of it to get you salivating.

Kotlet (Persian Cutlets)

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