Behind the scenes: Iranian Wedding Series (Intro)

I mentioned on our Facebook page that I am going to start a series about Iranian Weddings…oh boy!

Growing up, I went to quite a few  Iranian weddings. The first one I went to, I was about 8 years old, and I stayed up until 4 am. I have no idea how, but I did.  Another one I went to,  I was the flower girl. Yes, flower girl in an Iranian wedding (we don’t typically have flower girls…so I jumped at the chance!).

Now, it’s at the point where my own friends are getting married. The stories, the decisions, the debates, and the fun is endless.

Back to topic: what will this series be about? Just like any culture, there are so many bits and pieces that go into planning a wedding. I will share some of those pieces but also share a little bit of the humor, the stress, and the minute details that others may never think of or even hear about that are unique to the Iranian culture.

Kind of like a “behind the scenes” of Iranian weddings.

The series will include:

1. Guests and Invitations (yikes.. there is a lot that comes with this!)

2. Planning of the Ceremony and Traditions

3. Actual Wedding Day

For each of the sections, I will highlight vendors/businesses that can help you in your own planning or for someone you know!

Are you ready? Well, you can never really be ready.

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