2 weeks before Norouz…yup, Party Time!

March arrives and typically one thought comes to my mind: “It is almost time to PARTY!” Ok, that is not the only thought. Really its about Iranian New Year approaching and the hope of some weather in which I can actually breathe without feeling like the antarctic has entered my mouth.

But the next very close thought is that the Annual Iranian New Year celebration will be coming soon. Each year, the Iranian Association of Boston hosts this party at a local hotel in Boston, flies in a famous Iranian performer, as well as includes other dance performances throughout the night.

This however is not just a party. It has become a ritual that my family attends each year.

And the questions begin: 

  • “Where is the party this year?”
  • “Who is the singer?” and sometimes “Wait, who is that?!” (as the years go on… I realize I know the bands less and less :/ )
  • “Should we go?” (We ALWAYS go….)
  • “What should we wear?” (Don’t get me started)

On a more personal note, I see this party as an opportunity to see those that I only sometimes see once a year. And yes that also means a lot of small talk and “how are you’s” with people you may never even see for another year, so sometimes, I wonder why we do it… (no offense to anyone!). Anyone that knows me, knows I prefer quality over quantity but this party is the exception.

We need to look at this differently. This celebration is the one evening per year that it is almost guaranteed you will run into the friend you had when you were in high school and just ended up losing contact with, or the person you admired that was part of a planning committee that you were also a part of years ago, or you know, your cousins…cousin.

Regardless, it has been a staple in my Norouz routine. An evening of dance, laughter, and of course some tea. So, keep those connections, keep the friendships, and go out and celebrate the start of our new year with many around you.

Here are a few snapshots from last night’s concert so you also have a taste of this one night that has become a large part of my life.


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