“It had been 15 years…”

This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours alone with my dad. Just me and him. Believe me, this does not happen often. Either we are at work, we are running around doing who knows what, or we are with other friends/family. When I knew I had the opportunity to take this time, I grabbed it.

There was a lot that we discussed from what’s going on to work, recent travel, funny things from our days and on. I honestly don’t even remember all of it…mainly because there was one particular phrase that stood out to me above all else.

“We didn’t see our parents for 15 years.”

I thought I misheard him…wait what?

NooshTube™, The White House and Norouz! Here is the story.

Last year, President Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama celebrated Norouz at the White House by bringing together various organizations and individuals. This year, they hosted the celebration once again, and NooshTube™ was invited to join. As an Iranian-American who has always believed in sharing our culture and traditions with others, I naturally got very excited to see the increased visibility for the Iranian community and other cultures alike. I mean, come on… the White House! This is serious (and amazing) business.

I am also a personal friend of one of the founders of Nooshtube™, Sherean Azarmi, and am lucky enough to be able to interview her and learn about their experience. Here is their story!


1. What is Nooshtube and when was it founded? By who? 


NooshTube™ hosts an interactive portal where connoisseurs of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean foods can share and find recipes, post restaurant recommendations, source vendors, and learn the history and cultural context of the cuisine.

My Top 5 Norouz Memories (Throwback Post!)

Couple of years ago, I shared my Top 5 Norouz Memories. It was a very popular post and striked up comments, conversation and more memories. Not to mention, one of my own favorite posts I have written.

Norouz is coming soon, so I am repurposing this post for new readers. Enjoy the memories and now create your own!


Later this week is Norouz or “New Day” where we celebrate the Iranian New Year.  A time to start fresh, create new goals, feel grateful etc. I always felt that this was a more appropriate time to celebrate the new year; when Spring was beginning.

Although each Norouz represents a new year.. there are some memories and traditions that have never changed for me. So I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my Top 5 Norouz Memories. These are in no particular order… I just thought to myself “Norouz” and these came to mind first. 

When I think about Norouz…

1. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, or coming home early, or just sleeping really late…

“What do we leave behind, and what do we keep?” Guest Blogger (9)

I am excited to share a “Persian Mommas” views and contemplations when she is celebrating the holidays. The dichotomy that many Iranian Americans feel with various holidays and traditions, and how they want to raise their children is very well portrayed here. In the end… doesn’t it usually come down to balance? Let’s see.

Thank you Sanaz Zhalehdoust, Founder of www.persianmomma.com for this post and for sharing your traditions with us!

Persian Momma


Deciding on whether to celebrate Christmas was a bit of a cultural struggle for my husband and I initially. While we both love festive holidays, beautiful Christmas lights, the sight of Santa Claus with his white fluffy beard, and the feel of everything Christmas, we felt a bit hypocritical in celebrating it.

10 Survival Items for Your Trip to Iran

After having been to Iran a couple times and friends who have been much more often, I have started to notice trends in what people go prepared with. The weather, the activities, and the traditions all lend themselves to all types of different items you need to have in order to…well… survive!

After some chatting with friends and family, here are 10 Survival Items for your trip to Iran, in no particular order. (Disclaimer: not all of them are completely serious.)

1. Manto (women only) – A “Manto” is essentially a tunic or longer tight coat that women are required to wear in Iran.

A Project That Became a Journey.

A few years ago, I had an idea for a project. Something that I thought would probably take me only a couple of days to complete.

I wanted to compile some of my favorites persian recipes from my mom. So, I started by determining what I needed to do to get this done. Find a software that makes online books, figure out a day that I can sit with her,  when I would type them up, and then, print it. No big deal I thought. This is a great side project and something I can complete soon. (I love to complete projects and I get pretty excited about just that fact alone and try to find the fastest way there…)

And so, I started.

5 Things to Bring to a Persian Summer Picnic

It’s August already and summer is in full force. I hate jumping ahead but since it is August and our summer weather is very precious, it is time to make sure you go on a picnic! That is a formal request from The Saffron Life to you!

Growing up, whether there was a special occasion or not, I would make an effort to head out with family and friends, sit by the beautiful Charles River, lay down a blanket, bring some bug spray, and basically EAT and HAVE FUN. But these were not just any type of picnics…they were Persian Picnics.

So, what makes a picnic more Persian?!

Here are the top 5 things you must bring with you to have a true Persian Summer Picnic.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.53.42 PM

Persian Rugs – What’s In a Name?

PersianRugs.com – What’s In a Name?

“We acquired one of the oldest and most valuable domains in the industry, PersianRugs.com, registered in 1995. It is currently the world’s most valuable premium Iranian domain name after Iran.com. Persian Rugs are one of the largest exports of Iran. These rugs have attained an elite status as the best in the world. Some private appraisal services have evaluated the domain alone to be worth over $500,000 dollars.”

Excited to present this interview with Yashar Zhalehdoust, the owner of PersianRugs.com.


1. What’s in a name?

Millions and billions! There are millions of dollars in an unestablished name and billions in an established one, which have become popular brands.

Can you have Vegan Ghormeh Sabzi?! Yes! Guest Blogger (8)

Excited to bring back one of our guest bloggers, Taji Mortazavi from We’re Talking About Food.

When she told me she has a Vegan version of Ghormeh Sabzi I was pretty surprised we could do that! Never say never… Below is her post. Enjoy the meal!


Vegan Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian Herbed Stew with Beans)Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh what?! Often one of the most marveled foods in Persian cuisine, ghormeh sabzi is by far my favorite Iranian dish. Traditionally, ghormeh sabzi is made with beef or chicken, and you can totally make it that way if you choose. I opted to a vegetarian/vegan version of ghormeh sabzi that packs all the flavor and nutrition of the herbs without a ton of saturated fat from the beef.

The Origins of Ghormeh Sabzi

I could easily write a book about Persian food (and probably will one day).